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Tipsy Muse experience

Join us as an artist guides you and the rest of the group, step by step, through creating your own version of the day’s painting. Bolster your confidence with a little liquid courage, and watch your talent develop!

One of the best things about Tipsy Muse parties is seeing how beautiful and different each painting turns out, while everyone works toward the same goal. You’ll be proud of yourself and impressed with your friends all at once.


Be your own muse

Tipsy Muse parties are a wonderful experience for both men and women, whether you’re a rookie painter or a veteran artist.


Great venues

From local businesses to in-home parties, Tipsy Muse events are on-site. Everyone leaves with a smile on their face, an unforgettable memory, and their own custom artwork.


Skilled artists

Our artists thrive on inspiring creativity. We’ll give you the help you need to paint confidently and have a great time.


The whole package

We provide all the supplies you need to create your masterpiece. Be Your Own Muse. Just bring your sense of adventure!